Lizzy has flexible pricing to match your business needs. For a monthly fee of $60 per user, you get the full power of Lizzy CRM. Our fee structure is based on a concurrent user model: meaning you can have as many accounts as you need, but only a certain number can be logged in to Lizzy at the same time.

For Example: If you have 10 employees at your business, but only 2 need to be able to log-in to Lizzy at the same time, you would only pay for 2 users. It can be any 2 of the 10 users. You can adjust this at any time, up or down.

By not requiring a contract, you have the freedom to adjust your user count needs as you see fit. And always, with our satisfaction guarantee, you own your data. And we'll give it to you if you ever leave us. Ask our competition if they'll do that. Still need convincing? Check out the 30 second Quick Tour.