Lizzy CRM was made for all types of businesses, no matter the size. You already have enough demand on your shoulders; from budgets, planning, marketing, and employees. There is already more than enough to keep you busy at all times. Because Lizzy CRM is used in our daily operations, we understand this, and developed Lizzy to save a little of that time for yourself. We have done the work for you, so you can sit back, relax and watch your company succeed.


Lizzy CRM has an integrated email feature that gives you the ability to send or receive email directly from the application. Since all email is linked directly to the contact, this prevents employees from losing or not recording that email. Let's say you decide you want to run a promotion to only certain contacts in your Lizzy database. Prepare your email, select the specific group you are targeting, and whether it is five people or hundreds, you only need to write and send email once. Lizzy can also send out automatic text messages if a customer prefers it over email or telephone calls.

Customer Portals

Not only does Lizzy CRM track customer relationships, calls, emails and tickets, but it also allows you to share some of that information with your customers. Through Lizzy CRM, your customers can create tickets for sales or support directly from your website, without having to call-in. Lizzy CRM allows you to provide your customers with feedback through the ticketing system as well. Receive automatic email updates for any ticket created, completed, or sent to testing. The customer who made the ticket will also receive your response via email if you desire.

Logging Calls & Other Encounters

When you are running a business and tracking customers you don't need to remember every word of every conversation you have with them, but knowing the important topics is a must. With Lizzy CRM, you can log conversations under topics. Make as many topics as you like, link calls to them and close them when completed. This organizes your calls, and provides an "at-a-glance" view of customer history, this way no matter who is speaking with them they will know what went on, and where to go from there.



Lizzy CRM comes with a survey module. Make and send unlimited surveys that you customize to make your own.

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