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Introducing Lizzy Outdoor Power Equipment CRM

Jumping into the Deep End of the Ocean - Outdoor Power Equipment CRM Software. Yep, we’ve launched an outdoor power equipment CRM website. Someone was bound to do it, but you may be surprised that it’s us. Truth is, this is something I’ve personally wanted to do for a long time … and the time…
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Lizzy Helps You Reduce Business Cost

Selling products is not what it used to be. And for most of us, that is a good thing. Gone are the ABC days of “Always Be Closing.” More and more companies are turning to CRM software. CRM software can help you get more digital, and the more digital you are the more you reduce…
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Affordable CRM

Announcing new fixed price for Lizzy CRM. Effective November 1, 2014 Lizzy CRM is available for a monthly fee of $60 per user. This is the FULL featured CRM module. Contact or call 678-359-4184 and select option 1. You can be up & running the same day.
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The world is on the go, your CRM should be too

Our CRM has been web-based since 2009. That being said, you can access it on any computer, tablet or smart phone. As long as you have Internet connection, you can access Lizzy. Imagine you run into a prospect during your daily morning coffee stop. He was in a rush to go see his nephew, who…
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