Introducing Lizzy Outdoor Power Equipment CRM

Jumping into the Deep End of the Ocean - Outdoor Power Equipment CRM Software.

Yep, we’ve launched an outdoor power equipment CRM website. Someone was bound to do it, but you may be surprised that it’s us. Truth is, this is something I’ve personally wanted to do for a long time … and the time is right.

Nizex is behind the launch of the new website and they have been helping outdoor power equipment dealers for over 20 years.

That's right ... Lizzy CRM was created by NizeX, who has spent over 20 years teaching dealers how to engage their customers, and that won’t change. But we’d be silly to ignore the surge in CRM software among the powersport and outdoor power equipment industry.

In many ways, CRM software makes more sense for an outdoor power equipment dealer today then at any other time in history.

CRM software is the perfect format for accessing the intelligence and advice you need to succeed. It goes with you wherever you are, and you can access it whenever you need it.

I was surprised to discover that over half the outdoor power equipment dealers do not have a follow-up system in place, for any of their departments. On average 85% to 90% of customers, do not purchase on the first visit. That means 65% of dealerships potentially mishandle up to 90% of the sales opportunities that are presented to the dealership.

The Need For Outdoor Power Equipment CRM Software

When everything is going good we tend to form bad habits.

When the market is strong your staff doesn't have to worry about making the most out of every opportunity. They only need to wait for the next potential client to walk through the door.

However, when things slow down you have to change the way you do business.

You have to create processes and procedures to follow or your staff will just sit and complain about there not being enough traffic coming through the door.

It's for this reason that Lizzy outdoor power equipment CRM was created.

Dealers in the outdoor power equipment industry are feeling a reduction in traffic however, outdoor power equipment dealers who are using Lizzy CRM software are able to continue business just like before the slow down.

Lizzy CRM allows dealers to increase opportunities and lifespan of current clients.

And best of all ... if your tired of slow overly complex CRM systems.

If you're looking for a FAST and easy way to keep track of customers, notes, meetings and phone calls then Lizzy is for you.

Lizzy's simple user friendly interface keeps all of your contacts, messages and activities literally on the same page. You can quickly see a real-time activity stream for each relationship you're managing.

Lizzy turns your computer into a lead generation machine!

Lizzy was designed from the ground up for the outdoor power equipment industry, not for computer nerds. This means you can focus on selling and not on learning a new complex software.

As a matter of fact it's so easy to use that you can learn the basics, tracking meetings, setting appointments and making sales calls, in 5-10 minutes.

Outdoor Power Equipment CRM Systems

You need a software system that knows your industry. Lizzy has the efficiency, speed & performance that you’re looking for. You demand efficiency & performance from the units you sell… why not demand it of your CRM system?

Lizzy was Made for Your Outdoor Power Equipment Business

You’re busy selling & servicing the tools that consumers and companies need to keep their properties looking great, and you need a software program that works as hard as you do.

We understand.

Lizzy was built to manage the concerns of outdoor power equipment dealerships, just like yours.

Lizzy CRM Doesn't Just Meet The Standards… She CREATES Them!

Web-based is the trendy thing to do these days. But Lizzy was ahead of its time. First offered back in 2009, Lizzy was the OPE industry’s FIRST web-based DMS.

We have had over 5 years to perfect it. Now while our competitors are creating their own hosted versions, we’re on to what we do best: adding cutting-edge features for no extra charge.

Going web-based lets you leave behind server backups and time-consuming software updates. And our knowledgeable team ensures your data is always secure, yet easily accessible when you need it.

Introducing Lizzy Outdoor Power Equipment CRM

Introducing Lizzy Outdoor Power Equipment CRM

Entering outdoor power equipment leads into Lizzy is as simple as it gets.

Lizzy's Outdoor Power Equipment CRM allows your staff to self-police follow-ups and sales. Your staff can easily log phone calls, internet leads and walk-ins and set their own follow up dates.

Lizzy takes the task out of the tasks and puts fun into the selling game. Simple search functions help finding deals that usually slip through the cracks much easier so you can help your crew to stop digging and start selling.

Lizzy's Outdoor Power Equipment CRM dashboard makes it simple to enter and simple to search for customers and contacts.

Sort customers by a number of pre-programmed categories or create a list of your own. Customers can be sorted by salesman, approved customers, by date, hot customer list, customer source, last contact, sold customers etc. Lizzy is designed to get you the data you want when you need it.

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