How to Use CRM Software

Over 70 years ago, the American writer and lecturer Dale Carnegie published a book on people skills entitled “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

To this day, Mr. Carnegie’s nuggets of wisdom still ring true, because more than anything else they speak to human nature, which for better or worse seems to have changed very little.

In the modern age of the Internet and social content sharing, you can still look to these truths when it comes to growing your business.

It's the reason that Gartner shows Customer Relationship Management (CRM) increasing to a $36.5B worldwide market by 2017, a significant increase from the $20.6B forecasted in Q1 of 2013.

Today’s consumers are bombarded with all sorts of messages and offers that appear from every corner of our world. Every second of the day you are getting hit with billboard ads, magazine ads, commercials on both the radio and TV, as well as ads on your searches, videos and websites you visit.

You get hit so many times a day with ads that you become blind to them.

Its for this reason that it is more difficult today for a business to get the customers attention then at any other time in our none history.

Just about everyone has a profile on one or more social media sites where they blog about, comment on, share, and spread the word about their favorite product or service.

Science Daily says that 90% of all the data in the world has been created in the last couple years. Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO says that more content is generated every 48 hours, than all of the content created from the history of the world up until 2003.

Every minute there are 347 blog post published on WordPress, by their users. And that is just on WordPress.

The mind-blowing acceleration of information has affected not only the pace, but also the way we make purchasing decisions.

The one-size-fits-all approach is dead

With the spread of modern technology and the social media sites, customers have become savvy to all the marketing tricks used by big companies.

Let's face it, you know what you want and you know you have a wide range of business to choose from.

You demand personalized service, and you want new ways of engaging with the products and services you're thinking about buying.

Today, you are looking at the rise of a highly individualized marketing approach, which is mainly driven by data and technology.

Chances are your competition has already realized this, and they have changed the way they market to their potential clients. They have changed the way they do their jobs and fulfill their main duties.

It's the reason we are seeing such a boom in the CRM software industry.

Let’s take a look at how CRM software is helping your competition improve their business and increase their sales.

1. CRM software allows you to focus on the target

One of the hardest things for most businesses to do is to look through and manage customer data. It is this data that will tell a sales person which potential customers are most likely to buy which products and services.

It is this data that will allow a sales person to send a message that is targeted to that potential client's wants, needs, and desires.

Think about ...

If you're buying a $3,000.00 riding lawnmower it is at this moment that your most likely to buy the higher priced trimmer, because you are comparing the price of the trimmer to the price of the lawnmower.

However, if you return to the store later to buy only the trimmer you are now comparing the price of the trimmer to the price of the other trimmers, and you are most likely to buy the cheaper trimmer.

CRM software sifts through the data and organizes it so that the employee, that is already dealing with the client, can make an informed decision about up-selling, cross-selling, or reselling services and products to that client.

CRM software makes it easy for your sales team to contact and target potential customers, who are most likely to make a purchase. With CRM software you're able to better understand your customers behaviors and preferences.

CRM software allows you and your employees to take informed actions that will improve prospect awareness and customer satisfaction.

2. Analyzing the Information and Making an Informed Decision

If you're able to predict the next move of your customer rather then react to the move they've already made, think about how much more likely you are to make the sale.

CRM software allows you to look at your client's recent activities, responses, personal likes and dislikes, products they've already purchased, phone calls they've made, e-mails they've opened, e-mails they've replied to, and even social media activity.

If everyone in your company is using your CRM software it allows for a better and sharper customer profile. This allows for more opportunities for your marketers and salesman to personalize your messages, in such a way, that it is able to win the hearts and minds of your potential client.

CRM software allows you to focus and measure your marketing. This allows you to increase sales, grow revenue, and put your marketing money where it will get you the best return on your investment.

3. Personalizing your message

The neat thing about Lizzy CRM software is that it organizes the target by topic.

This allows you to list problems that potential clients are facing by topic.

Lets say you're selling and repairing lawnmowers:

A Briggs and Stratton small engine sales person comes into your store and makes an offer on a 5hp engine, that is too hard to pass up.

But to take advantage of the offer you’ll have to buy in bulk.

In the time it takes you to sit down in front of the computer, you have a list of everyone whose had a small engine failure in the last year. With this information in hand your able to make an informed decision, about how many 5hp engines you'll most likely be able to sale.

But that's not the end of the story, you place your order and use your CRM software to break your list into groups.

With this information you're able to create a marketing message for each group.

There is no “Dear Customer”, “Hello Friend” or other impersonal information that screams “Mass marketing!”.

Lizzy CRM allows you to address your potential and existing customers by their name. You can impress them by knowing what company they work for and what size yard they have.

As a matter of fact you can even take a look at everyone whose been having problems with their 3.5L engines. If they're trying to cut too much or too tall of grass, you can try and up-sell them to a 5hp engine.

With Lizzy CRM software you can create a marketing message for men and another one for women, because you'll know whether you are addressing a man or a woman.

Within a couple hours you've created a targeted message with content tailored to each potential group. You're able to grab their attention and let them know that their life would be better, more complete, and happier if they'd just upgraded to the bigger and better engine.

Having this information in hand allows you to suggest ideas, give information, and even shape the entire conversation, making it all about that particular customer.

The question isn't how much does Lizzy CRM software cost, the real question should be how much money can I make with Lizzy CRM software.

CRM software allows you to get more personal with your customer. This leads to: improved response rates, a stronger brand, and increased revenue. CRM solutions enable marketing experts to focus more on the customer and not on the product.

4. Recycling and Reusing What Works

With Lizzy CRM you're able to see what marketing messages worked, without starting from scratch every time.

Lizzy CRM is able to analyze the data and tell you whether your marketing campaign was successful or not. Lizzy CRM removes the guesswork and opinions and focuses on the numbers.

This allows you to focus on and improve the campaigns that are working best.

Knowing which campaigns work the best, allows you to better allocate money being spent marketing.

This leads to marketing costs going down and revenue going up.

And who doesn't want that?


If your seeing a drop in sales, or a lack of growth in your business, chances are your competition has started using CRM software.

Your competition is now able to engage your customers on a more personal level.

Your competition is now able to anticipate what your potential customer will need, and surprise them by knowing what they'll need, as well as what they are interested in, before they know it.

Your competition has turned the old one-way marketing street your using, into a two-way dialogue between them and your customer.

They have a database of contacts and are using them to increase their sales.

Spending more on marketing won't help because the competition knows which marketing is working and which marketing isn't.

Your only chance of recovering your clients and saving your business is Lizzy CRM.

Lizzy CRM is the only software on the market, that I know of, that organizes its content by topic.

This makes it easy for you to slice and dice through the data and recover meaningful insights into the problems your customers are facing. Lizzy allows you to shape the perfect messages for each targeted group.

Try Lizzy's free 30 day FREE trial today and see if you can keep up with what she's able to do for your business.

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